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The NCAA (which stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association) Evaluation Test is a test to monitor the individual and team’s performance during a particular game. The NCAA, a nonprofit organization in Basketball, will have to check the athlete’s eligibility to join a team requested by a Division I or Division II college. This process will start once the student graduated high school, completing at least 16 core courses with a 2.3 GPA average. At the same time, they have to pass the exam either in the ACT or SAT.

The Required Test Scores

When a student applies for the SAT or ACT, they have to use the code 9999 so their scores will be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Their SAT or ACT scores will appear on their transcripts as a reference for their academic certification. During the SAT testing, their reading and math subscore should be combined, while on the ACT score will be adding English, Reading, Math, and Science subscores altogether. If the aspiring basketball player had to retake the exam, his best subscore will be used to check his eligibility requirements.

Division I and II Test Score Requirements

Each division has a different requirement. For example in Division I, the student has to have a good SAT/ACT score and a higher GPA. But Division I works in conditions too: if the student has a low test score, then his GPA must be higher and vice versa. Meanwhile, on the Division II Test Score Requirements, the student must meet all the crucial academic requirements to be eligible. It’s quite stricter than in Division I because the standards they raised is too high.

The Principle of the NCAA Evaluation Test

Every school is offering a scholarship to students who can do academics and sports at the same time. Not to compromise their overall performance, they have to be good at balancing their time for their academic and sports performance. They also have Resocialization Standards that help the students develop their intrapersonal relationships during practice and competitions. As of the current record, NCAA already helped more than 480,000 college student-athletes to pursue their dreams to become a basketball star.

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