Line Defense

Line defense is a term in Basketball used to describe a strategy, which consists of a two-line defense. Line defense was conceptualized to counter the fast break and to block defense players from stealing the ball. When the team had shot a basket or passed the ball to another teammate, they will run across the court at the centerline, then turn around to form two lines of defense. The plan for a line defense is to intimidate the opposing players, so they can make a bad pass to their team or lose the dribble.

Strength and Weaknesses of a Line Defense

Line defense is very helpful to formulate a good strategy. One of the breaking points of line defense is helping each other turning the ball before the defense players can take an effective shot on the basket. At the same time, line defense can help weak players to recover their energy. However, there’s also a weakness in doing this formation because the team might not defend properly. At the same time, when the offensive players are on the other side of the line, the opposing team might think it would be less challenging to shoot a basket.

Line Defense as the Best Pack Defense

Usually, players would go 1-on-1 defense, but doing the Line Defense might add some pressure to the opposing players to pass the ball to their teammates. There’s only one exception in doing line defense when the defense players would dribble the “dead” ball, while other players can go out and deceivingly make the opposing team that they’re not up for a steal. It would also discourage the opposing team from penetrating the defense line.

Line Defense as an Effective Psychological Weapon

Every single technique in Basketball can be used as a psychological weapon to intimidate and confuse their opponents. Perhaps basketball players could be good actors too while playing basketball. The opposing team cannot make it if the team would coordinate with each other to strategize a more detailed, tactical plan. With the proper execution of the Line Defense, the team would have a well-executed offense and a hard-to-beat defense.

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