Ledgie Dwayne Wade

A Ledgie is a term or a slang used in Basketball to describe how the ball gets stuck on the ledge, located at the basket’s rim. This is also very revolting because it caused a karmic signal to players. Perhaps, one of the most popular “ledgie” moments is when Dwayne Wade had the ball stuck at the basket’s ledge. The game ball just sits there for minutes and looks like as if it’s refusing Wade or both teams’ commands to get down. Many said that having a ledgie moment was somehow hilarious and stupid, but at the same time, very poetic.

Ledgie as a Game-Changer

Although these moments can give a comedic effect to the game, still the game ball looked as if it has the choice to defy every players’ command to it. During Dwayne Wade’s play, the ball didn’t cooperate with them. For a moment in time, the game paused while the ball continuously refusing both teams to play games with them. This should be considered as a reminder to players that they cannot dictate the ball easily by leading them to victory.

The Ball is Tired Too

Just like an aging basketball player, the ball game has choices to make too: either to continue the game or to take a pause for a moment. There’s also a time during the match of the Toronto Raptors and the Miami Heat that the ball gave up on them. Simply because the game is un-watchable and horrible, so the ball decided to quit on them, like getting stuck on the ledge. It’s a game-changer that even the ball can say no to their match. Ledgie moments can only occur on rare occasions, but it could poetically say that it gets tired too when the match is unbearable.

Ledgie is considered as a heroic attempt for the ball to end an agonizing game that’s barely hard to watch by the audiences. The Miami Heat vs. The Toronto Raptors will always be remembered for the ledgie moments that happened on the court. Comedic as it seems, still it should be a lesson for both teams to approach the game correctly. At the end of the match, the Miami Heat took over the victory with a 12-point ahead of the Raptors.

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