A Hoop is a term in Basketball that can be interchanged with a basketball goal, however, little did people know, they have some differences. To help them with the terminology, the hoop is the orange rim positioned in the backboard, while the goal is the rims themselves. Both of them are a part of the basketball system, yet acts the same role. From a children’s point of view, the whole ring and the stand of the basketball system is already a hoop, but the hoop has a more specific meaning, materials, and usage. Here are some meanings to completely understand the differences of each term in a basketball system:

The Backboard

Backboards are a rectangular-shaped board, which is primarily made of tempered glass, acrylic, and rim. It’s better to use the acrylic ones than the polycarbonate backboard because the ball can bounce better than using the polycarbonate backboard. Effective backboards are also made of perforated aluminum and smoked tempered glass. The backboard should be hard enough to tolerate the hard slamming of the player’s aggressive game.

Rim, Net, and Pole

The Rim is the orange part of the basketball system, where the net is usually hanged. The rim is also called as the hoop, where it is made of breakaway steel rim, heavy-duty or recreation flex goal. The Net, on the other hand, should be made of nylon for durability to withstand the pressure of the ball when it’s aggressively shot on the net. Lastly, the pole is the vertical piece used for the basketball system’s foundation and support structure. This should have a 10’ regulation goal height of every basketball system.

The Quality of the Basketball Hoop

Every single thing in the basketball system has significant rules and should be stronger to endure the game. Most of the basketball hoop is made of Spalding acrylic or polycarbonate set, which is generally the top equipment for basketball goals and systems. If the basketball hoop is easily destroyed, then it will cost a big amount of money for a replacement. So, when you buy a good basketball system, ensure to get a durable material for every part, so you can enjoy playing basketball.