Fast Break is a technical term used in basketball and other handball sports to describe an offensive strategy. During the fast break, the team would try to move the ball up to score. This technique would be considered as one of the most popular and overused techniques in Basketball, although it’s already proven and tested how effective it is to shoot a basket. Various styles were made by well-known basketball players, which shows both cliff-hanging action and quick scoring. Fast Break can also be caused by cherry-picking.

How to Execute the Fast Break

The most typical fast break is passing down the ball to the fastest player to make it to the basket. This player is usually the point guard who can speed-dribble the court even though he’ll encounter opposing players behind him. He would either take this shot by himself or pass it over to someone who can quickly score than him. If contact is made during the fast break, then he might be charged with an unsportsmanlike foul.

Characteristics of a Fast Break

In basketball, fast breaks are considered a great defensive technique to prevent a steal from the other team. The player has to have a good recognition skill, speed, ball-dribbling skills, and a quick-witted decision to make a successful fast break and scoring a goal. If the player is quick enough for a good defensive play, it wouldn’t be a shock to never miss a shot or to successfully block the opposing team to steal the ball from him. This could also lead to an alley-oop, where one offensive player jumps in to take a shot near the ring after his teammate passes the ball to him.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Doing Fast Breaks

What’s good about doing fast breaks is it will shatter the opposing team’s zone defense. At the same time, it removes the rebounder and focuses less on their shooting. The most important thing about fast breaks is being able to take the ball in possession while looking for another offensive teammate to dunk the ball to the basket. However, the downside of this technique is using too much energy while hustling back on defense mode just in case the player fails to execute the fast break.