The EuroLeague competition, also known as the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague is a prominent basketball competition in Europe. This is where all the top-tier basketball teams are being gathered to compete since 2000. This is majorly organized by the EuroLeague Basketball, which replaced the FIBA European Champions Cup. Although the European Champions Cup and the EuroLeague have the same gaming format, still EuroLeague is on a higher level of competition.

Introduction about EuroLeague

EuroLeague is known to promote indoor sports across the world and the number of fans reached almost 9,000 that fills the whole stadium. This is considered as the fifth-highest and most popular professional indoor competition outside the US League. At the same time, EuroLeague was voted as the second-highest professional basketball league next to the NBA League. Because of their prominence, EuroLeague was able to bag 21 clubs and their most successful club is in Real Madrid.

The History of the EuroLeague

FIBA is the one originally handling the majority of the sports in Europe from 1958 to 2000. However, in 2000, EuroLeague was formally introduced. The name EuroLeague was first used by FIBA, but they never trademarked the name, so when the organizers took the “EuroLeague Basketball”, none of them took legal actions. There has been a lot of revamping in the competition, especially when the FIBA SuproLeague joined in. Unfortunately, these created a rift between 2 clubs and until now, left unresolved.

Title Sponsorship of the EuroLeague

In 2010, both the EuroLeague Basketball and Turkish Airlines announced good news for everyone. They announced that a €15 million strategic agreement was made to sponsor the top teams for the European basketball competition. At the same time, they would re-brand the name into Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Basketball. They would also name the final four teams as the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four, where they would be appearing in all forms of media to promote the team. Another good news is that Turkish Airlines extends its partnership until 2020. This could only mean that there are more things to look forward to indoor sports that EuroLeague will be preparing.

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