EuroBasket is also referred to as the European Basketball Championship. This is an international basketball event in the European continent and this is governed by the FIBA Europe. Most titles were won by the Soviet Union, making outstanding records of 14 wins since the start of the European Basketball Championship in 1935. Since then, the championship became a household name throughout Europe as many more participants are coming in to join the championship.

The History of EuroBasket

In 1935, Switzerland was chosen to be the host country for the European Basketball Championship, and ten European countries joined in the competition. At that time, Portugal and Spain have excellent records and matched in the qualifying match to defeat Latvia. In the end, Latvia won the match. Unfortunately, the match got canceled in the 1941 edition due to World War II. In 1946, the championship reinstated with the Soviet Union dominating the game. When the game was reinstated, there were almost no changes made to the game and the camaraderie of Europe was continued.

The Qualification for EuroBasket

Out of 24 European countries, only 16 surviving teams are allowed to compete in the championships. 8 spots will be determined by the host country while the rest would be declared as the Top Seven finishers of the previous year’s EuroBasket. They will be divided into 2 divisions, and each of them will have a chance to play against each other in a round-robin setup.

The Competition Format

EuroBasket almost had the same format as the NBA League where they have a preliminary round that plays a round-robin format. When the 16 teams are determined, there will be a single-elimination tournament until it goes down to two teams, waiting for the championships. The semi-final losers will receive a bronze medal and were placed from a fifth to eighth place. When they come up with the Top 3 best teams, they would have to compete against each other in a round-robin format. Whoever wins the title should proceed to the prominent EuroLeague Basketball Competition, where the most competitive basketball teams in Europe will be facing each other.

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