Euro Foul

Euro foul is a technical term used in Basketball to describe an intentional foul where the defensive player reaches out to his opponent and grabs the ball. The Euro Foul intends to stop their game, by hitting the opponent above his shoulder level. The concept of the Euro Foul made a massive controversy in basketball, where the NBA Officials are convinced to reform the game and eliminate the Euro Foul. Since the introduction of Euro Foul, players have been using this as a tactical standpoint especially when the team is not yet awarded a penalty.

The Purpose of the Euro Foul

Perhaps the purpose of the Euro Foul is to temporarily stop the game and to make a transition for another scoring opportunity. Games would often slow down during the incident, making it tougher for the officials to shorten the game. The NBA League tried its best to speed up the game and not to ruin anyone’s momentum for the game. However, this tactic can help the trailing team to score, so they have to create a strategy to make the game tougher and slower.

Reviews about Euro Foul

Euro Foul is something that basketball officials wanted to make the rules clear because they’ll spend a lengthier and longer time in front of the monitor to track the foul. This foul is usually difficult to decipher and understand. NBA League has been understanding in studying dynamic basketball stars who can easily capture the audiences’ hearts, but they’re more on sorting things that could be beneficial to the players, officials, and audiences. Thus, the elimination of the Euro Foul needs to be imposed as soon as they can.

The Solution for the Euro Foul

Since this has become controversial in many ways, the NBA League decided to eliminate the concept of the Euro Foul, so players can focus on the game without lengthening it. The number of timeouts has been reduced and free throws while imposing 15-minute halftime. This recommendation to eliminate has been made in 2018 to make the league better and without compromising the thrill during the game.

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