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Combo Forward Chris Bosh

The Combo Forward position is a term in Basketball, which takes a versatile role. In Basketball, the game is played by five players with a designated role for them to play the game more effectively. The main positions would be the Point Guard, Small Forward, Shooting Guard, Power Guard, and the Center Player. On the contrary, the combo forward can take any of these roles when one cannot execute the position. Their position is to facilitate the team and being able to effectively guard the ball while doing the offensive role. When he takes on the small forward position, he also has to be less aggressive in his approach upon ball possession.

The Main Responsibility of the Combo Forward

The Combo Forward can take the Small Forward and the Power Forward’s role. Being in a small forward position, they’re not expected to be the ball handler, but their dribbling and passing skills matter. Meanwhile, the Power Forward’s role is to do low blocks and can be an effective scorer by shooting mid-range. If the combo forward wants to be an effective player, he has to be good at both responsibilities, where he can be passive-aggressive during the play.

Characteristics of a Combo Forward

Being a combo forward is a tough responsibility, where the player’s versatility in the court will be tested. During the foul shooting, they have a common skill to shoot the basket easier. At the same time, they can be an efficient 3-point shooter who can go well with the shooting guard. The Combo Forward should also have good passing skills because they have to be passive during the play, while they can be aggressive defenders. They also need to be quick enough than most players to do low blocks.

The Power of the Combo Forward

Being in this position is putting any player under pressure because they are required to play multiple positions at the same time. Despite the heaviness of its responsibilities, still much aspiring basketball player is dreaming to play this role because they usually take the spotlight as being the best position on the court. Some famous combo players are Kevin Love, Anthony Davis, and Chris Bosh.

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