Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking is a term in basketball and other sports where the player doesn’t choose to play the defense role but chose to remain still with the opponent’s goal. The opposing team would have a 5 vs. 4 advantage, but if the defending team steals the ball from them, it would be easier for them to pass the ball to the cherry picker. At the same time, choosing the cherry picker would be less relevant than the other players unless he acquired the ball by the violation.

Cherry Picking may not be a common strategy, but this is legal in the big leagues. A team can organize or assign a cherry picker to remain near the basket, so he can shoot the ball in no time. This would be considered as an advanced strategy since it makes the cherry picker have an advantage in shooting the basket. This would make the team score easier, even though the enemy already has a 5-to-4 advantage. If the Cherry Picker has a violation, then he will be penalized by loss of ball possession and a foul.

Methods of Cherry Picking

The cherry picker can back out with the role to adjust to the new strategy and to play with the team. If he chooses to stay near the opponent’s goal, their teammate can obtain the ball from the attacking team and easily pass the ball to the cherry picker. Another method that can go along with this method would be breaking or bolting. If the shot fails, the player can do a long pass with a teammate with an unguarded shot. After the shot, the team can take the defensive side and they can signal more players to defend the ball while running towards the basket.

Controversy Behind the Cherry Picking

This method gains a lot of media attention and controversy. This is due to the fans creating a chance of choosing who they want to become the cherry picker to disparage another player. This can also be viewed by the media as an illegitimate act. Even if the opposing team played successfully against the cherry picker, this will be viewed as very unsportsmanlike. The coaches can also discipline the role of the cherry picker because it may suggest laziness towards the sports.

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