The Asociacion de Clubes de Baloncesto or the Spanish Basketball Clubs Association is a national sports association that governs professional basketball leagues in Spain. This organization was founded in March 3, 1982 and takes refuge in its headquarters that is located in Barcelona. The Asociacion de Clubes de Baloncesto or ACB is affiliated with the Union of European Leagues of Basketball.

Competitions under the Asociacion de Clubes de Baloncesto

The ACB sports association is home to 18 member clubs. These clubs are grouped under the Liga Endesa. In each season, a club is given a chance to play with other clubs in the same division twice. One is played in the opponent’s stadium while the other one is played in the club’s home stadium. This would mean that a club will play a total of 34 games per season.

When a basketball club wins, it gains a point. For those clubs that earned equal points, despite comparing head-to-head records, point difference as well as the points scored are computed to determine the season’s top clubs.

At the end of each season, the top 8 clubs with the most number of points will participate in playoff matches and the one that wins is crowned the champion. On the other hand, the lowest two clubs are relegated to the LEB Oro or the Liga Espanola de Balaoncesto, a second-level division. While this happens, the top two clubs of LEB Ora will be promoted to join Liga Endesa.

Organization Structure

The Asociacion de Clubes de Baloncesto is composed of a general assembly and a president. The general assembly uses the parliamentary procedure in making decisions and is composed of representatives of the member clubs as well as the sports companies that compose Liga Endesa. These representatives are the presidents of both the member clubs and sports companies.

In addition to the general assembly, the Asociacion de Clubes de Baloncesto also comes with a president and an executive committee. They are the ones who are responsible for the daily operations of the organization. At present, Antonio Martin of the CB Granollers club occupies the president position. He was elected in July 16, 2018.