3x3 Basketball, also known as 3x3 or 3-on-3, is a fast-paced variation of traditional basketball played with three players per side on a half-court with one hoop.

This exciting format is officially sanctioned and promoted by FIBA, basketball’s international governing body.

3x3 traces its roots back to informal street games and pick-up contests at gyms across the United States in the 1980s.

Tournament organizers like Gus Macker and Hoop It Up helped standardize the rules and popularize the 3x3 format through large-scale events that drew huge crowds.

In the early 1990s, major brands like Adidas launched their own 3x3 competitions, further accelerating the game’s growth worldwide.

FIBA took notice and began staging test events in the late 2000s before debuting 3x3 at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Under FIBA’s 3x3 rules, games are played on a half-court with a 12-second shot clock.

Baskets inside the arc are worth one point while shots made outside the arc count for two. The first team to 21 points or the leader after 10 minutes wins.

Each team has four players - three on the court and one substitute.

There are no jump balls; instead, the game starts with a coin flip. Possession alternates after each made basket, with the defense taking the ball out behind the arc.

The 3x3 format showcases individual skills and rewards versatile players who can shoot, pass, dribble, and defend in space. Quick decision-making and the ability to create your shot are essential.

While no jump shots are required, having a reliable outside stroke is a major asset in 3x3.

Sharpshooters like Dusan Bulut, the all-time leading scorer on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour, are especially valuable in this format.

As 3x3 continues to gain international popularity, it has become a medal sport at the Olympics, making its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games. This exciting, fast-paced game is poised for even greater growth in the coming years.