3x3 or 3x3 basketball is a type of basketball game format that is executed three a side on a single basketball hoop. It is currently being structured and promoted by FIBA.

The basketball game format is continuously gaining popularity especially with the creation of its primary competition, which is the FIBA 3x3 World Tour. This competition is held annually and is comprised of a number of masters’ tournaments and a single championship tournament.

History of the 3x3

The 3x3 basketball format has been popular a long time ago in informal basketball games or those played in gyms and on the streets. It was only in the 1980s when rules were created to officially standardize the game format in the United States. This standardization created tournament series attended by huge crowds like the Hoop it Up and Gus Macker.

By 1992, the Adidas brand launched a street competition that followed the 3x3 game format. Since this launching, a good number of 3x3 tournaments and events have been growing all over the globe.

Later on, tests events using the 3x3 format was undertaken by FIBA. These happened during the 2007 Asian Indoor Games, April 2008 games in the Dominican Republic and a tournament in October 2008 held in Indonesia. By 2009, the game format made its international debut during the Asian Youth Games. These were participated by 16 teams in the girls’ division and 19 teams in the boys’ division.

In 2010, the 3x3 format was included in the Summer Youth Olympics that was held in Singapore. The Olympic committee also planned to include it in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

3x3 Rules

There are a number of rules that must be followed when using the 3x3 game format.

The first rule talks about the composition of teams. Each team must consist of four players. Three of which will be playing on the court when the game starts while the fourth one is a substitute.

Another rule is that the game should be played on a half-court that comes with one basket. The rulebook also stipulates that a coin toss starts the game instead of a jump ball. In addition, no jump balls and alternating possession rules are implemented in a 3x3 game.

Last but not the least is that all successful shots made inside the arc is given one point while those that are shot outside or behind the arc are given two points.

There are still a lot of rules that go by a 3x3 basketball game. The ones written are the basic ones.