The Anderson Packers were a professional basketball team playing with the National Basketball League from 1946 to 1949 and later in the National Basketball Association. They later joined the National Professional Basketball League in 1951.

The Anderson packers were found in 1946 in Anderson, Indiana. They were playing with the National Basketball League where they were also known as the Anderson Duffy Packers. The team arena was the Anderson High School in Wigwam.

In 1946, the packers finished with 24 wins and 20 losses and could not qualify to play the National Basketball League playoffs. In 1947, The Packers qualified for the playoffs with a record of 42 wins and 18 losses however lost the semifinals. In 1948, the Packers had their best season with 49 wins and 15 losses and defeated the Oshkosh All Stars to win their first NBL Championships. In 1949, the Anderson Packers were one of the 17 original teams that were a part of the National Basketball Association when the rival Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged to form the NBA. The team was coached by Howie Schultz, Ike Duffey and Doxie Moore. The Packers were assigned to the Western Division of the National Basketball Association. They qualified to play in the playoffs with 37 wins and 27 losses and finished second in the division behind the Indianapolis Olympians. In the playoffs they faced the Tri Cities Blackhawks in the western division semifinals and emerged victorious. In the western division finals they defeated the Indianapolis Olympians and selected to play the NBA semifinals against the Minneapolis Lakers. The Lakers however defeated the Anderson Packers and advanced to the NBA Finals to win against the Syracuse Nationals and became the 1949 NBA Champions. In 1950 the Anderson Packers left the NBA and joined the National Professional Basketball League and folded in 1951.

Country United States United States
City Anderson, Indiana
Founded 1946

In a total of 64 games the Anderson Packers played in the NBA, they won 37 games and lost 27 games.

Major Achievements

NBL Champions, 1948.