Anaheim Amigos

Country United States United States
City Anaheim, California
Founded 1967
Basketball Association of America

The Anaheim Amigos were a professional basketball team playing with the American Basketball Association in the 1967- 1968 season.

Anaheim Amigos were found in 1967 and were based in Anaheim, California. The Amigos were among the bonded members of the American basketball Association. The team logo was a basketball wearing a Mexican hat beside the script Anaheim Amigos. The team colors were orange and black. The Amigos played their home games at the Anaheim Convention Center which served as their home arena.

In 1967, in their first year in the American Basketball Association, the Amigos were coached by Al Brightman and Harry Dinnel. The Amigos were assigned to the Western Division of the American Basketball Association and finished at the fifth position behind the Houston Mavericks with 25 wins and 53 losses. They could not qualify for the playoffs. Amigo guard Lester Selvage led the ABA charts for three point goals and attempts that season scoring 147 points in 461 attempts. The Amigos were led by Stephen Chubin in scoring average with 18.2 points per game. The Amigos comprised of Dick Lee, Bill Garner, Harry Dinnel, Paul Scranton, Larry Moore, Bill Crow, Herschell Turner, Bob Sims, Randy Stoll, Willis Thomas, Bill Allen, Jeffrey Conqdon, Bob Bedell, John Fairchild, Steven Kramer, Larry Bunce, Lester Selvage, Warren Davis, Ben Warley and Stephen Chubin. In 1968, the Amigos were moved to Los Angeles by founder Art Kim where they were christened as the Los Angeles Stars. In 1970, after playing two seasons as the Los Angeles Stars the team relocated to the Salt Lake City in Utah to become the Utah Stars. In 1976, the Utah Stars folded and were dysfunctional.

In the only season the Anaheim Amigos played in the ABA, they won 25 games and lost 53 games in a total of 78 games.

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