The Toronto Huskies were a professional basketball team playing with the Basketball Association of America in the 1946- 1947 season. The Huskies became dysfunctional in 1947 following their first season.

The Toronto Huskies were found in 1946 in Toronto in Canada and were one of the few Canadian teams along with the Vancouver Grizzlies to play in the United States. The team logo was a huffing husky in the middle of the script Toronto Huskies in blue. The team colors were blue and white. The Huskies played their home games at the Maple Leaf Gardens which served as their home arena.

Country Canada Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Founded 1947

In 1946, the first year when the Basketball Association of America came into existence, the Huskies were one of the eleven teams playing in the inaugural season. The Huskies were assigned to the Eastern Division of the Basketball Association of America. They were coached by Ed Sadowski, Lew Hayman, Dick Fitzgerald and Robert Rolfe. The Huskies comprised of players, Hank Biasatti, Gino Sovran, Ed Kasid, Ralph Siewert, Ray Wertis, Nat Militzok, George Nostrand, Bob Fitzgerald, Frank Fucarino, Charlie Hoefer, Harry Miller, Ed Sadowski, Bob Mullens, Roy Hurley, Dick Schulz, Kleggie Hermsen, Dick Fitzgerald, Red Wallace, Leo Mogus and Mike McCarron. George Nostrand was one of the tallest players in the league at the time at 6’ and 8”. The Huskies played the First match of the BAA’s First season against the New York Knickerbockers. They finished the season in fifth position with 22 wins and 38 losses followed by the Boston Celtics. They could not qualify for the playoffs and the Huskies folded following their debut season and became dysfunctional in 1947.

In a total of 60 games the Toronto Huskies played in their only season in the Basketball Association of America, they won 22 games and lost 38 games.