Providence Steamrollers

Country United States United States
City Providence, Rhode Island
Founded 1946

The Providence Steamrollers was a professional basketball team playing with the Basketball Association of America and later in the National Basketball Association from 1946 to 1949. The Steamrollers were discontinued in 1949.

The Providence Steamrollers were founded in 1946 in Providence, Rhode Island. The team logo was a steamroller on a red circle. Red, White and Black were the team colors, while the Rhode Island Auditorium served as the team arena.

In 1946, the Steamrollers were playing with the Basketball Association of America in the first year of the BAA’s formation and were coached by Robert Morris. The Steamrollers were allotted the Eastern Division of the BAA. That year they finished in fourth position behind the New York Knickerbockers with a record of 28 wins and 32 losses.

They could not qualify for the playoffs. In 1947, the worst season of the team’s history, the Steamrollers were coached by Albert Soar and Nat Hickey. The Steamrollers once again finished fourth behind the Boston Celtics with a disgraceful 6 wins and 42 losses which went down in NBA history as the least games won by a team. In 1949, the Steamrollers were among the eleven teams that were to join the National Basketball Association.

The team was coached by Ken Loeffler and they recorded 12 wins and 48 losses. That season, the Steamrollers finished sixth and again secured the last place in the division for the second consecutive time. In a total of 168 games the Providence Steamrollers played in the BAA and the NBA, they won 46 games and lost 122 games.

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