Pittsburg Ironmen

Country United States United States
City Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Founded 1947
Basketball Association of America

The Pittsburg Ironmen were a professional basketball team playing with the Basketball Association of America in the 1946- 1947 season. The Ironmen were discontinued after the first season of play.

The Pittsburg Ironmen were found 1946 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In 1946, the first year when the Basketball Association of America came into existence, the Ironmen were one of the eleven teams playing in the inaugural season. They were a bonded member of the Basketball Association of America which later merged with the National Basketball League to form the National Basketball Association.

The Pittsburg Ironmen played in the Western Division of the Basketball Association of America. In their first and only year they played in 1946, the Pittsburgh Ironmen was coached by Paul Birch. The Ironmen played their home games at the Duquesne Gardens which served as the team arena.

In 1946, the Ironmen stood fifth in the Western Division securing last place behind the Detroit Falcons with a record of 15 wins and 45 losses. The first three teams in the division namely the Chicago Stags, St. Louis Bombers and the Cleveland Rebels were selected for the playoffs. The Pittsburg Ironmen comprised of Gorham Getchell, Red Mihalik, Nat Frankel, Walt Miller, Roger Jorgensen, Joe Fabel, Nobel Jorgensen, Moe Becker, John Mills, Michael Bytzura, Press Maravich, Ed Melvin, Tony Kappen, Harry Zeller, Stan Noszka, John Abramovic and Colby Gunther. Colby Gunther led the Ironmen with 14.1 points per game. The end of the season saw the end of the Ironmen and other franchises like the Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons and the Toronto Huskies. The Pittsburgh Ironmen folded and were dysfunctional.

In the only season that the Pittsburgh Ironmen played in the Basketball Association of America, they won 15 games and lost 45 games in a total of 60 games.

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