The Minnesota Pipers were a professional basketball team playing in the American Basketball Association in the 1968-1969 season.

The Minnesota Pipers were originally found in 1967 as the Pittsburg Pipers. The Pittsburgh Pipers was established by chairman, Doug Melidona and was a charter member of the American Basketball Association. The team existed in the 1967-68 season. In 1968, The Pittsburg Pipers were relocated to Minnesota to be renamed as the Minnesota Pipers. The team logo was a blue basketball with Pipers written across it in red. The word Minnesota appeared above the basketball. The Pipers played their home games at the Met Center in Bloomington and the Duluth Arena- Auditorium in Duluth.

Country United States United States
City Bloomington, Minnesota
Founded 1969
American Basketball Association

In the 1968- 1969 season, the Pipers played at the Metropolitan Sports Center Arena and were coached by Jim Harding, Vern Mikkelsen and Verl Young. The Pipers began well however after loosing their key players Connie Hawkins, Chico Vaughn, Art Heyman and Charlie Williams to injuries, they finished fourth in the American Basketball Association’s Eastern Division with a record of 36 wins and 42 losses. The Pipers appeared in the playoffs that year and were defeated by the ABA’s Miami Floridians. The Floridians were a team playing in Minnesota in the previous season and were known as the Minnesota Muskies. The Minnesota Pipers comprised of Tony Jackson, Tom Kondla, Jim Kissane, Ken Wilburn, Leroy Wright, Stephen Chubin, Tom Hoover, Jim Jarvis, Willie Porter, Dan Anderson, George Sutor, Arvesta Kelly, Mike Lewis, Frank Card, Stephen Vacendak, Art Heyman, Trooper Washington, Chico Vaughn, Charles Williams and Connie Hawkins. The Pipers moved back to Pittsburg in 1970 and were renamed as the Pittsburg Condors, the Condors eventually folded in 1972.

In a total of 78 games the team played as the Minnesota Pipers in the ABA, they won 36 games and lost 42 games.