Indianapolis Olympians

Country United States United States
City Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded 1949

The Indianapolis Olympians were a professional basketball team playing with the National Basketball Association from 1949 to 1953.

The Indianapolis Olympians were found in 1949 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team played their home games at the Hinkle Fieldhouse which served as their home arena. Players Alex Groza and Ralph Beard were a part of the Olympic gold medal winning 1948 US National Basketball Team. In 1949, in their first year in the National Basketball Association, the Olympians recorded 39 wins and 25 losses and finished first in the NBA Western Division. The team was coached by Cliff Barker. They qualified for the playoffs however, lost the western division finals to the Anderson Packers. The second year in 1950, the team was coached by Cliff Barker and Wally Jones. The Olympians slipped back and finished fourth with 31 wins and 37 losses. They played the playoffs only to loose to the Minneapolis Lakers. In 1951, the Olympians finished third with 34 wins and 32 losses led by new coach Herm Schaefer, however once again stumbled in the playoffs against the Minneapolis Lakers. The same year on January 6th, the Olympians would become part of NBA history as they played the longest game in NBA history against the Rochester Royals with six overtimes and winning the game with 75 points to defeat the Royals who scored 73 points. In 1952, in what would be their last season with the NBA the Olympians finished in fourth position with a disappointing 28 wins and 43 losses. Though the Olympians qualified to the playoffs they were defeated by the Minneapolis Lakers for the third consecutive time in the playoffs. In 1953, the Indianapolis Olympians folded.

In a total of 269 games the team played as the Indianapolis Olympians in the NBA, they won 132 games and lost 137 games.

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