Indianapolis Jets

Country United States United States
Home town Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded 1949
Basketball Association of America

The Indianapolis Jets were a professional basketball team playing in the Basketball Association of America in 1948- 1949 season. The team was discontinued after just one season.

The Indianapolis Jets were found in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1948, when the merger between the rivals, National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America were ongoing, many teams were set to join the BAA as a first step to forming the National Basketball Association. The Jets were one of them and were playing in the National Basketball League as the Indianapolis Kautskys before joining the Basketball Association of America. The team played at the Hinkle Fieldhouse Arena.

The Jets finished sixth in the Basketball Association of America’s Western Division with a record of 18 wins and 42 losses. The Jets were coached by Bruce Hale and Burl Friddle. The team comprised of Jack Maddox, Paul Napolitano, Jim Springer, Jim Spruill, Roy Pugh, Dick Wehr, Marty Passaqlia, Hal Tidrick, Jack Eskridge, Freddie Lewis, George Glamack, John Mahnken, Andy Kostecka, Tommy Byrnes, Bruce Hale, Lionel Malamed, Ralph Hamilton, Fritz Nagy, John Mandic, Leo Mogus, Walt Kirk, Blackie Towery, Charlie Black, Price Brookfield and Ray Lumpp. The following season in 1949, the Indianapolis Jets were folded.

In the only season the team played in the Basketball Association of America as the Indianapolis Jets, they won 18 games and lost 42 games in a total of 60 games.

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