The Chicago Zephyrs were a professional basketball team that played in the NBA for the 1962- 1963 seasons. The Zephyrs are now called the Washington Wizards.

The team was originally found in 1961 in Chicago, Illinois; and was called as the Chicago Packers. The Packers were part of the new teams to join the NBA when it expanded in 1961. The next season they were renamed as the Chicago Zephyrs. The team name ‘Zephyr’ referred to the westerly wind and as the city of Chicago was also known as ‘The Windy City’ the name was apt. The team logo was Zephyrs written vertically in black with a slight diagonal bend. The team colors were blue and yellow. The team arena was the Chicago Coliseum.

Country United States United States
City Chicago, Illinois
Founded 1962

In 1962, when the team began its play as the Chicago Zephyrs, it drafted Terry Dischinger who won the Rookie of the Year that season. Dischinger had an impressive scoring average of 25.5 points per game to his name. This was the second consecutive Rookie of the Year award which the team saw coming its way after Walt Bellamay, who won the first when they were called the Chicago packers. The Chicago Zephyrs however still finished last recording only 25 wins and 55 losses. In 1963, the Chicago Zephyrs were relocated to Baltimore in Maryland. The team was christened as the Baltimore Bullets in Baltimore. The Bullets later moved to Landover where they were renamed as the Capital Bullets. The Capital Bullets were renamed as the Washington Bullets and eventually as the Washington Wizards.

In the only season the Zephyrs played in Chicago as the Chicago Zephyrs, they won 25 games and lost 55 games in a total of 80 games.