The New Orleans Jazz was a professional basketball team playing in the National basketball Association from 1974 to 1978. The Jazz are now known as the Utah Jazz.

The Jazz were found in the city of New Orleans which was also popular for Jazz music. Hence the team was named as the New Orleans Jazz. The name was selected as the winning name from among other entries in a name the team contest. The team logo was a purple music note. The front of the note was a basketball with a yellow and green center. The note merged to form a ‘J’ which spelt Jazz in purple. New Orleans was written above the two ‘Z’s. The team colors were purple, yellow and green. The team played at the Municipal Auditorium and the Louisiana Superdome Arena.

Country United States United States
City New Orleans, Louisiana
Founded 1974

In 1974, the Jazz did not get off to a good start, changing 3 coaches and loosing games right until November, defeating the Portland Trail Blazers. They finished the season by posting 23 wins and 59 losses. In 1975, the Jazz finished at the forth position with 38 wins and 44 losses. In 1976 and 1977, they finished fifth with 35 wins and 47 losses and 39 wins and 43 losses respectively. Jazz’s Truck Robinson led the NBA charts with 15.7 rebounds per game that season. In 1978, Truck Robinson was traded to the Phoenix Suns. In 1979, the Jazz were relocated to Utah to become the Utah Jazz. Walt Bellamy, Gail Goodrich and Pete Maravich who played with the Jazz while they were in New Orleans were later inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In a total of 410 games the New Orleans Jazz played five seasons in New Orleans and won 161 games and lost 249 games.