The Capital Bullets were a professional basketball team playing in the National Basketball Association in 1973. The Bullets are now known as the Washington Wizards.

The team was originally found in 1961 in Chicago, Illinois; and was called as the Chicago Packers. The next season they were renamed as the Chicago Zephyrs. In 1963, the Zephyrs relocated to Baltimore, Maryland and were christened as the Baltimore Bullets. In 1972, the Bullets were shifted to Landover, Maryland which was a suburb of the nation’s capital, Washington. Hence they were renamed as the Capital Bullets. The name ‘Bullets’ was carried on by the team when they shifted from Baltimore. The team logo was Bullets written in blue with the ‘L’s forming two hands getting ready to collect a red ball. The word Capital was inscribed above the ‘B’ and ‘U’ in the Bullets. The team colors were red, white and blue. The Capital Bullets played at the University Of Maryland’s Cole Field House until they shifted to the Capital Centre Arena which is also known as the US Air or US Airways Arena.

Country United States United States
City Landover, Maryland
Founded 1972

In 1973, The Capital Bullets played fantastically and finished with 47 wins and 35 losses. The team coached by K.C. Jones secured the Central Division Title. The Bullets qualified to play in the playoffs. They played the playoffs against the New York Knicks who defeated them and restricted their tour to the NBA finals. In 1974, the Bullets were renamed as the Washington Bullets. The Bullets were later christened as the Wizards in 1997 and to this date play as the Washington Wizards.

In the only season the Bullets played as the Capital Bullets in 1973- 1974, they won 47 games and lost 35 games.