The Baltimore Bullets were a basketball team playing with the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1963 to 1973. The Baltimore Bullets are now the Washington Wizards. The team also played in the American Basketball League (ABL) and the Basketball Association of America (BAA) before they were absorbed into the NBA.

The Bullets are noted for being the only defunct NBA team to have won a championship. Of the defunct teams, the Bullets were also the ones who were members of the NBA the longest before they were folded.

Country United States United States
City Baltimore, Maryland
Founded 1964

Founding and the American Basketball League

The team was founded in 1944 and began playing in the American Basketball League (ABL). Their name is a reference to the Phoenix Shot Tower, formerly known as the Old Baltimore Shot Tower. While they played in the ABL, the Bullets reached all three championship rounds. They won the title in 1946.

In 1947, they also won a division title. Instead of playing in the final, they forfeited to play in the World Professional Basketball Tournament.


In 1947, the Bullets moved from the ABL to the Basketball Association of America. They won the 1948 championship against the Philadelphia Warriors, now the Golden State Warriors.

When the BAA absorbed the National Basketball League (NBL) and became the National Basketball Association, the Bullets moved too.

They struggled for a bit after their 1948 Championship. In 1954, player Ray Felix was awarded NBA Rookie of the Year. He was also the second African-American to have been named All-Star. In September of that year, Felix was traded to the New York Knicks. On November 27, 1954, the Baltimore Bullets folded. They were the last NBA team to fold.

Notable Players

Some of the more notable players who have played for the Bullets include:

  • John Abramovic
  • Don Barksdale
  • Walt Budko
  • Bill Calhoun
  • Ray Felix
  • Barney Goldberg
  • Paul Gordon
  • Billy Hassett
  • Paul Hoffman
  • Bob Houbregs
  • Buddy Jeannette
  • Herman Klotz
  • Jim Luisi
  • Ray Lumpp
  • John Mandic
  • Eddie Miller
  • Ken Murray
  • Bob Peterson
  • Don Rehfeldt
  • Chick Reiser
  • Red Rocha
  • Kenny Sailors
  • Fred Scolari
  • Paul Seymour
  • Dick Triptow
  • Hal Uplinger
  • Mark Workman


  • Ben Kramer
  • Red Rosan
  • Buddy Jeannette
  • Walt Budko
  • Fred Scolari
  • Chick Reiser
  • Clair Bee
  • Albert Barthelme

Association History

1944-1947 - Baltimore Bullets (ABL)
1947–1949 - Baltimore Bullets (BAA)
1949–1954 - Baltimore Bullets (NBA)


1946 – ABL
1948 – BAA/NBA