Buffalo Braves

Country United States United States
City Buffalo, New York
Founded 1970

The Buffalo Braves were a professional basketball team playing with the National Basketball Association from 1970 to 1977. The Braves are now known as the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Braves were one of the teams that were part of the NBA 1970 expansion along with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The name ‘Buffalo’ was chosen referring to the state’s Native American history. The team logo was a blue ‘B’ with a blue and red feather in the middle pointing left. The words Buffalo Braves were written below the ‘B’ in red. The team colors were Columbia Blue, White and Red. The team played their home games at the Maple Leaf Gardens and The Aud arena.

In their opening season in 1970 and 1971, the Braves finished last with a 22 win 60 losses record. In 1972, the Braves drafted Bob McAdoo who won the Rookie of the Year. McAdoo also led the charts for top scoring average in 1973 with 30.6 points per game. Newly drafted Ernie DiGerogio won the Rookie of the Year. The Braves made it to the playoffs for the first time that year. However, the Braves could not match up with the Celtics who went on to win yet another NBA Championship. In 1974, McAdoo was the leagues Most Valuable Player with 34.5 points per game and 14.1 rebounds per game. The Braves finished second best with a 49 win 39 losses record. In 1975, Bob McAdoo was leading the charts for top scoring average in the league with 31.1 ppg for the third consecutive year. The Braves made it through to the playoffs with 46 wins and 36 losses however could not make it to the finals. The same year coach Jack Ramsay left the Braves to coach the Portland Trail Blazers. In 1976, the Braves were sold to John Brown, who in a shocking trade, sold McAdoo to the New York Knicks. In 1977, owner John Brown sold the Braves to Irv Levin who moved the team to San Diego. The Braves were christened as the San Diego Clippers on relocating to San Diego. The team was later shifted to Los Angeles in 1984 where they became the Los Angles Clippers.

In a total of 656 games the Braves played in Buffalo as the Buffalo Braves, they won 259 games and lost 397 games.

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