Memphis Tams

Country United States United States
City Memphis
Founded 1972

During the three seasons from 1967-70 the team which was called as New Orleans Buccaneers and the Louisiana Buccaneers became the Memphis Pros for the period 1970 to 1972. During the 1972-73 and 1973-74 seasons this team was called as the Memphis Tams which got altered to Memphis Sounds in 1974-75.

During the 1972-73 season the coach Babe McCarthy was replaced by Bob Bass. As per the dispersal draft of Pittsburgh Condors the Tams chose George Thompson. Also Merv Jackson was included in the team as Gerald Govan was traded to the Utah Stars. Although Thompson participated in the ABA All Star Game the Tams had 20 wins and 64 losses in their record. This team was 33 games behind the Carolina Cougars and acquired the last place in the Eastern Division. It could not reach the playoffs.

For the 1973-74 season the Tams selected the draft picks Larry Finch and Larry Kenon as well as underclassman David Thompson. Finley attempted to sell the team to some investors from Providence Rhode Island however no sale took place. For a large part of the summer the status of Tams was up in the air. Bass resigned from the position of coach and the offices of the team were closed from mid-June. In late August Finley declared that the team would play. Only two days prior to the first preseason game of the team Butch van Breda Kolff was appointed as head coach and general manager.

The Tams team then signed Charlie Edge and included players like John Baum, Jim Ard, Mike Jackson, Ronnie Robinson and Glen Combs. In this season also George Thompson played in the ABA All Star game and the team again had an unattractive season with 21 wins and 63 defeats. This is the worst record of pro football.

Major achievements

In the 1972-73 season the Tams had an average of 3476 fans per home game.

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