Turkey national basketball team

Country Turkey Turkey
City Turkey
Founded 1949

The Turkey national basketball team is a professional team that represents Turkey on an international level. The team is also known by the name of 12 Dev Adam. The team plays under the FIBA Europe zone.

The Turkey team played its first ever games at the Eurobasket tournament in the year 1949 which was played in Cairo, Egypt. The team finished the tournament at the 4th place. The duration of the 1950s was where the team was in its initial stages of progress.

After the end of the olden days of basketball till the 1990s, basketball started to recognized all over the world. In the year 2001 the Turkey team which was a part of the Eurobasket teams made it to the finals in Istanbul. This was the very first time that the team had been in the finals. In the finals they were unable to overcome Yugoslavia scoring 69-78. They won the Silver medal in the tournament.

In the Eurobasket 2005 Turkey was able to qualify for the tournament. The games were held in Serbia and Montenegro. In the initial rounds the team won only against Bulgaria and lost both to Croatia and Lithuania. However due to their unsatisfying performance and more number of losses, the team was eliminated from the tournament.

In the year 2005 Turkey was also a part of the Mediterranean games held in Spain. The team was able to achieve a Bronze medal for their country. The year 2006 saw the Turkish national team qualify for the Basketball World Championships in Japan. They beat the Lithuania team in 4 matches. They were also able to manage victories against Australia, Qatar and Brazil to qualify for the super eight stages. The team managed to secure only one win against Slovenia with a 90-84 record in the final round and lost its rest of the games.

Few known players like Ersan Ilyasova, Hidayet Turkoglu and Mehmet Okur are all part of the NBA and also represent their country in the international competitions.

Turkey will host the 2010 FIBA World Championships

Major achievements

Placed 8th at the 1997 Eurobasket

Won Silver medal in the 2001 Eurobasket

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