The New Zealand professional national basketball team is the national basketball team of New Zealand. It is nicknamed Tall Blacks, as it reminds people of New Zealands Rugby Union team, the All Blacks. The Tall Blacks are playing from the 1970s in the Oceania Championships. Over the years the team has won many championships. The team plays under the FIBA Oceania zone.

In the 2000 Sydney Olympics the Tall Blacks had a 1-5 record in which the singular win was in the playoff against Angola for the 11th place. The Tall Blacks beat Australia in 2001 in a three game series and qualified for the 2002 FIBA World Championships in Indianapolis. At the end of the tournament the Blacks finished at the 4th position. In the quarter final the team defeated Puerto Rico and further lost to Germany and Yugoslavia. For the all-tournament team in Indianapolis the only non-NBA player was Pero Cameron the captain of the Tall Blacks.

Country New Zealand New Zealand
City New Zealand
Founded 1971

In the year 2004 the Tall Blacks made it for the Athens Olympics and managed a 1-5 record and further once again went down to Australia and was seeded at the ninth place. One of the most memorable games of the tournament was the match against Serbia and Montenegro, where the Tall Blacks were successful in defeating two of the former world champions.

In the year 2006 a South American tour was performed by the Tall Blacks as a part of the teams of the FIBA Basketball World Championships. In this tour the Tall Blacks played against Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina who were the Olympic Champions. Against each country four games were played. Brazil and Argentina swept away the Tall Blacks. Venezuela also defeated them by a score of 3-1.Perhaps the most well known former New Zealand Tall Black player in the National Basketball Association is Suns forward Sean Marks, who is playing in his fifth NBA season. Another New Zealand player, ex University of Wisconsin star Kirk Penney, Momentarily played in the NBA, and later played with top European teams but now plays for the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian NBL. Just prior to the FIBA world championships the Tall Blacks had a 4 game series against the Australian Boomers in which a 2 game tie was won by the Tall Blacks by points difference. Qatar was also defeated in a 21 game match up post tournament. In the second round Argentina knocked the Tall Blacks out of the tournament. At the end of the current 2007/08 FIBA Oceania championship season the Tall Blacks were seeded at the second position.

Major achievements

Placed fourth at the 2002 World ChampionshipsWon Gold medal in the 2001 Oceania Championships