Germany National Basketball Team

Country Germany Germany
Founded 1934
Nickname Die Mannschaft
Coach Henrik Rödl

The Germany national basketball team is the basketball team that represents Germany in international tournaments. Overall the team is ranked 9th by the official FIBA rankings. The team plays under the FIBA Europe zone. The team is the descendant of the West Germany national basketball team.

The German team made its first international debut in the 1951 Eurobasket in Paris. They ended their first tournament at 12th place out of 18 teams. Form the 1950s to the late 1980s the teams performance did not improve as such. In the 1990s after the reunification of the East and West Germany the national basketball team underwent a complete makeover. Earlier West and East Germany were not much successful, to a certain extent as during the past era, the NBA made it far from possible for German international players to play either in the national team or the NBA teams. Due to these conditions vital players like Christian Welp, Uwe Blab or Detlef Schrempf were frequently unavailable for important tournaments.

In the year 1993 the Germans at last achieved the European championship in Germany. It was due to the sheer hard work of the team. Although a victory in 1993, basketabll was never a major sport viewed by the Germans. The German basketball experienced a fortunate break when Dirk Nowitzki assessed his fortune with the Dallas Mavericks and consequently became a superstar. This resulted in German basketball having a revival and the national team was reborn.

When Turkey and Germany clashed in 2001, Germany was just one second away from the final but Turkey sent the match to overtime and won the match. Due to this loss Germany was demoralized and ended in the fourth position.

However in 2002 the team saw huge success when they won the World championships. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of this tournament was Nowitzki. In Saitama during the 2006 World Championship Germany lost only to Spain and won the other first round games. Despite losing to Spain the team made it to the quarter finals.

Many known players like Shawn Bradley, Stephen Arigbabu, Dirk Nowitzki, Ademola Okulaja and Detlef Schremp were the part of the German National team at one point or the other.

Major Achievements

  • Won Gold medal in the 1993 Eurobasket
  • Won Bronze medal in the 2002 Worldchampionships

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