Miami Sol

Country United States United States
City Miami, Florida
Founded 1999

Miami Sol, also known as Sol for “Sun” was a professional women’s basketball team, which was based in Miami, Florida. They are the female counterpart of the Miami Heat of the NBA. The existence of Miami Sol is only short-lived since they have encountered financial problems in 2002.

The History and Foundation of Miami Sol

For 3 seasons, Ron Rothstein handled Miami Sol as their head coach. Even though they have dissolved already, still they have produced players like Debbie Black, Sandy Brondello, Ruth Riley, and Elena Baranova, who were all-star players for the team. However, even with their combined powers, they got lost during the first round against New York Liberty.

After losing to the Liberty, it seemed that the sun had finally set for the Sol because the Heat Group decided to cease the WNBA operation, as they are unable to raise money for the team. The good thing about the team’s folding is how their players found success on their respective teams, especially for Betty Lennox who became the WNBA Finals Most Valuable Player award in 2004.

Financial Instability of Miami Sol

Miami Sol had only appeared in the 2001 WNBA season, and Eric Woolworth, the Heat Group’s president of business operation, said that they are experiencing financial difficulties at that time, so they just have to focus on Miami’s NBA team instead. Woolworth revealed that the Heat Group has been spending $2 million per year for the salaries, players’ housing, and other players’ expenses, that’s why they couldn’t compensate to handle a WNBA team anymore.

Coaches Who Handled Miami Sol

Ron Rothstein is the general manager and head coach of the Miami Sol. He was assisted by Tony Florentino and Jenny Boucek in coaching and training players throughout the season. Marc Brody is responsible for the TV Production.

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