Charlotte Sting is a part of the Women’s National Basketball Association and one of the WNBA’s original teams. They are the counterpart of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. The Sting was established in 1997, and during their first season, they have lost to the Houston Comets.

The Foundation of the Charlotte Sting

The Charlotte Sting is of the eight original teams in the WNBA. In 1998, they lost to the Eastern Conference against the Houston Comets, and for the second time around, the Comets took home the bacon. In 1998-99, the Sting started to create a much stronger team by acquiring Dawn Staley, Vicky Bullett, and Andrea Stinson. However, their efforts were not enough to be qualified for the playoffs, that’s why they fell hard to the New York Liberty.

Country United States United States
City Charlotte, North Carolina
Founded 1996

2000 was the start of their disappointing performance, where they have only scored 8-24, and they have missed playing the playoff. By the following year, they still fell short as they only won 1 out of the 11 games. By the following year, they made a solid performance of 18-14, however, they were still defeated by the Washington Mystics.

The Purchase of the Charlotte Sting

In the 2004-05 season, the Sting needs to transition as Robert Johnson decided to purchase the Sting and they had to play with their sister team, the Charlotte Bobcats. This also led Johnson to change Sting’s signature color to blue and orange. The Sting’s performance suffered multiple blows per year as they cannot get past the Finals of the WNBA.

In December 2006, Johnson and the Bobcat Sports and Entertainment decided to terminate the existence of the Stinging due to low attendance. In 2007, they had announced fundraising where the team can move back to Kansas City, however, the fund was not sufficient enough for them to go back home.