Boston Celtics

Sport Basketball
Country United States United States
Home town Boston
Founding year 1946
Leagues National Basketball Association

The Boston Celtics is a major professional basketball team contesting in the Eastern Conference of the Atlantic Division. The team originated from the city of Boston in Massachusetts was established in 1946. The Boston Celtics have 16 League Championship titles to their name, with 19 Conference titles and 26 Division titles dated till the year 2008. The team was one of the most dominant teams and has won many consecutive titles during the period of 1957-1986. The team was primarily originated under the Basketball Association of America (BAA) which further merged with National Basketball Association (NBA). It was the first American team to sign an African American player named Chuck Cooper. One of the greatest rivals of the team is the Los Angeles Lakers which is regarded as one of the most historical rivalry in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Lakers have won 5 championship title finals out of 8 and the remaining 3 are won by Celtics.

The first NBA title won by the Celtics was in the year 1957 in which the team defeated the St.Louis Hawks in a series of seven games. The Boston Celtics are the most dominant team in the history of NBA.

The 1970 season was a year of complete reconstruction of the Celtics. After losing in the first round of the playoffs for the first time the team regrouped themselves and once again became dominant. The Celtics managed to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals but lost to the New York Knicks in the 1973 season.

The 1979-1992 were the flying years for the Celtics. Larry Bird from the Indiana state was signed by the team. Bird debuted in the 1979-1980 season. With the likes of Larry Bird the Celtics made an immediate improvement by wining 32 games. Although the team lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Finals, Larry Bird was awarded the NBA Rookie of the year.

The Boston Celtics once again made it to the 1983-84 NBA finals after 3 consecutive losses in the finals in the past. The Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals and won their 15th championship title.

TD Banknorth Garden is home to the Boston Celtics. The maximum capacity of the Arena is 18,624. Many significant players like Larry Bird, Sam Jones, Bob McAdoo, Arnie Risen and Dominique Wilkins have all been a part of the team one time or the other.

Currently Boston Celtics are seeded first in the Eastern Conference by defeating the Detroit’s and with two games in hand against the Detroit’s, the series is leveled at 2-2. The team has already won the Division title for the year 2008 by defeating the Detroit Pistons. The NBA 2008 Draft will be dated on June 26th and the free agency period begins from July 1st. The team is likely to play their first game of 2008-2009 in the month of November.

Major achievements

26 Division titles19 Conference titles16 League Championships

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Team Roster

Name Position
Bill Walker
Ray Allen shooting guard
Kendrick Perkins
Paul Pierce
Anthony Joseph Gaffney Jr. power forward
Tony Allen point guard
Sam Cassell
Shaquille O'Neal
Kevin Garnett
Eddie House

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