Basket Napoli

Country Italy Italy
City Naples
Founded 1946

Basket Napoli is an Italian professional basketball club which is based in Naples in Italy. Founded in 1946, the team Basket Napoli>plays their matches at the PalaBarbuto ground which has a seating capacity of 5,500. The team colors are white and blue, with the president and owner being, Mario Maione. The head coach of this team is Maurizio Bartocci.

History of Basket Napoli Club

Prior to 1999-2000 season, this team played in LegADue, with a separate name, Serapide Pozzuoli. Later on, the owner of the team, Lubrano moved them to Naples, and then sold the society to Mario Maione. In 2000-01 season, this club got promoted to the Lega Basket, where the team took part in the ULEB Cup in the 2004-05 season and eventually won the Italian Cup in 2006.In 2008, this team got excluded from the Lega Basket Championship because of some financial problems, along with the Orlandina Basket team. After this, the team restarted and again began to play in regional leagues.

Some of the notable players of this club include Darren Morningstar, Charles Smith, Michael Richmond, Nikola Radulović, Mike Penberthy and many others.

Sponsorship names

With the years, the team was known by many names due to the sponsorship deals. These include Serapide Pozzuoli in 1995–99, Record Napoli in 1999–01, Pastificio di Nola Napoli in 2001–02, Pompea Napoli in 2002–05, Carpisa Napoli in 2005–06 and Eldo Basket Napoli in 2006–08 respectively.

Major Achievements

This team has won one Italian Cup Championship in 2006.

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