DePaul Blue Demons

Country United States United States
City Chicago
Founded 1898
NCAA Basketball

The **DePaul Blue Demons ** men ’s basketball team is the NCAA Division I of intercollegiate men ’s basketball program. This team is from the DePaul University in Chicago in Illinois. This team competes in the Big East Conference which is a collegiate athletics conference consisting of 16 universities. The team plays their home matches in the Allstate Arena in Rosemont in Illinois.

On most of its historic events, the team was independent and had enjoyed success with many popular players like George Mikan in 1940s. This team was trained under coaches like Ray Meyer in 1970s. For this team, victory was constant with many NCAA appearances under the coach’s son, Joey Meyer in the 1980s and 90s. By 1991, this team joined the Great Midwest Conference which merged with the Metro Conference in 1995 to come up with Conference USA. DePaul team was a member of Conference USA through 2005. They left the Big East Conference for the 2005-06 season and till date, is its member.

Jerry Wainwright is the present coach of this team who joined in 2005. His first season with the team was inconsistent when they beat Wake Forest, the no.16 team to 84-81. After this, the team however lost to Old Dominion team with 87-43. In the history of DePaul Blue Demons, this was their worst defeat. In 2006, they defeated Big East Champion team, Syracuse by 108-69 during their 2006-07 season.

The same year, they even defeated other NCAA teams like Northwestern State, California, Villanova, Marquette and Connecticut. They probably made it through to the NIT but lost during the finals to Air Force. By 2008 season, the demons opened up the 2008 season with two of their upcoming star players getting selected for NBA.

However, Mac Koshwal and Dar Tucker, the two freshmen filled in those places. With such team players the 2007-08 season went ahead with four games. The Demons won with 10-19 record with high points in the year.

Some of the honors awarded to the team players are George Mikan and Ray Maher who were inducted with the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. In 1944 and 1945 George Mikan was awarded with National Player of the year. In 1980, Mark Aguirre was awarded the National Player of the year. Ray Meyer won the title to the National Coach of the year in 1978, 1979, 1980 and in 1984 consecutively. Joey Meyer won the title to the National Coach of the year in 1987.

Some of the players of DePaul Blue Demons who were skilled and were exceptional were selected through different team drafts. These players are Wilson Chandler in New York Knicks, Bobby Simmons with the New Jersey Nets, Steven Hunter is with the Denver Nuggets team and Quentin Richardson in the Miami Heat Team.

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