Louisville Cardinals

Country United States United States
City Louisville, Kentucky
NCAA Basketball

Ranked 18th from the top, the Louisville Cardinals is the men’s basketball team currently playing at the NCAA Division I Big East Conference. The team is ranked 10th according to their winning percentage. The team’s home ground is located at Freedom Hall but will be shifted to Louisville Waterfront Arena from 2010. The team represents the University of Louisville and has many claims to its fame. In 2008-09 the team had a 1587-831 record for its 94 years of inter-collegiate basketball. The team is rated as 16th amongst topmost teams of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) with regards to victories. According to a report on March 2009, the program is ranked number 1 men’s basketball program for the first time in 93 years of its foundation.

The Louisville team is the only one to have claimed championship titles of 3 major national post-season tournaments. The claims include the NAIB Championship in 1948, the NIT (National Invitation Tournament) title in 1956 and the NCAA tournament in 1980 and 1986. CBS Sportsline, Street and Smith’s and The Sporting News have named the team as seventh top team of all.

The team has appeared for 8 NCAA Final Fours and 11 NCAA Elite Eight. 18 of all Louisville players have claimed to the All-America status with the latest one granted in 2005 to Francisco Garcia. The team has made 35 NCAA appearances winning 2 of them and 14 NIT appearances winning one. Presently the Cardinals are rated fifth in tournament wins

The team’s current arena was named by ESPN college basketball magazine as the “Best Playing Floor” of the nation. The Cards have played for 54 seasons at the arena and have a 664-136 record with a winning percentage of 0.83. The University of Louisville has made 46 successive appearances at the NCAA being ranked second overall.

In March 2009, the Cardinals achieved their first Big East Conference Tournament title by scoring 76-66 in a final against the Syracuse University.

Major Achievements

The team has won 2 NCAA Tournament titles.

They have won a Big East Conference Tournament title.

They have won a NIT championship title.

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