Indiana Hoosiers

Country United States United States
City Bloomington, Indiana
Founded 1901
NCAA Basketball

The Indiana University men’s basketball team is known as the Indiana Hoosiers. The team presently participates in the Big Ten Conference in Division I of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The home arena of the Hoosiers is located at the Assembly Hall in Bloomington in the Indiana University (IU) campus. The team plays with crimson and cream uniforms.

The earliest match recorded for the Hoosiers was back in 190 with the team’s first victory coming in the same year against the Wabash College with 26-17. The team was first coached by Everett Dean, who helped the team elevate to new heights. The team won their first Western Conference title under guidance of head coach Dean in 1926 after defeating Wisconsin at 35-20. Dean led the team to two more titles and 162 wins before passing the reins to Branch McCracken. Under McCracken, the team ended up with a 17-3 win record with the coach taking the team to unseen success the next year, a record of 20 wins and an NCAA title. During his 23 years as a head coach of IU, McCracken took the team to smashing 364 wins and 210 wins at the Big Ten Conference. He took the team to 4 NCAA tournaments while winning 4 regular season Big Ten titles and 2 national titles.

After McCracken, the IU was coached by Bob Knight who succeeded him to tenure. In 1975-76, the Hoosiers won the NCAA Championships undefeated in any match. The IU is the last team to have achieved this feat till date. After Knight, his assistant Mike Davis was appointed the head coach for the team. He was unable to live-up to the successes of the former coaches and resigned as the head coach in 2006, though he remained available in the team afterwards. The coaches that followed were unable to lift the team up to previously held heights and in 2008, the team was imposed a 3 year ban by the NCAA officials.

Major Achievements

Won 5 NCAA tournament titles in 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981 and 1987.

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