Cincinnati Bearcats

Country United States United States
City Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati Bearcats is a former NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I men’s basketball team representing the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently the team is a part of the Big East Conference, a collegiate athletics conference in US. The team joined the Big East Conference from 2006, thus playing their last NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament in 2005. The team’s home arena is located at Fifth Third Arena which has a capacity to accommodate 13,176 spectators. The Bearcats are presently practicing under coach Mick Cornin.

The Bearcats’ uniform consists of red and black color. They have participated in 6 final four games and are a regular at the national championships. The team has a playing statistics of 1,499 wins against 855 loses with a win percentage of 0.635. The school is considered one of the top 30 most winning programs owing to its high winning records. Two of the team’s former players have gone ahead to win Olympic Gold Medals for their country and two of them have been enlisted in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Jack Twyman, who played for the University of Cincinnati for four seasons from 1951-52 till 1954-55earned an All-American stature in 1954-55 and went ahead to be represented in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Another great Cincinnati player was Oscar Robertson who was with the University from 1957-58 till 1959-60. He is regarded as one of the best players in college or professionally and was a three-time All-American with average scoring at 33.8. He also has the third-highest assists in NBA records. This Hall of Famer led his country into the 1960 Olympics and along with his team won a Gold Medal for US. The team also had a comparatively successive career growth in the 1970s during which the University of Cincinnati had a 170-85 record. In the recent times, the team has finished in the top ten listings on seven of the last 13 occasions. Some of the noteworthy players from the team include Nick Van Exel, Melvin Levett, Steve Logan, Danny Fortson, Pete Mickeal and many more. Of all the Bearcats players, 13 have been picked up in the NBA draft with three of whom were amongst the top ten picks.

The Bearcats have participated in 24 NCAA tournaments and won 2 of them in the year 1961 and also in the following year in 1962.

Major AchievementsWon the NCAA tournament in consecutive years 1961 and 1962.

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