Caja Laboral Baskonia

Country Spain Spain
City Basque, Vitoria-Gasteiz
Founded 1959

Saski Baskonia, S. A. D. is also known as Caja Laboral Baskonia is a professional basketball team playing with the Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto (ACB). The team is based in the city of Basque from Victoria-Gasteiz in Spain. The team is known as Caja Laboral Baskonia to honor its sponsor, Basque bank Caja Laboral.

The team was known as TAU Cerámica Baskonia, as it was sponsored by the Spanish ceramics manufacturer, TAULELL from 1986 till 2009. Originally, the team was named after Taugres, a brand name for TAULELL before reverting to TAU Cerámica Baskonia in 1997. Because of this massive name switch, the team is fondly known by any of the names, TAU Baskonia, Baskonia or simply TAU. The Saski Baskonia or Saski Baskonia S. A. D. is the name of the actual sports club. After 2009, by sponsoring the club, bank Caja Laboral has increased the sponsor’s contribution to the club’s budget.

The club came to being in 1959 under the Club Deportivo Vasconia. The team was a major success at its first games at the Spanish highest level and had remained a top performing team during the 1990s. The team also plays at the Euroleague and recently marched forward towards the finals of the Euroleague Final Four from 2005 to 2008 but failed to get past other competing teams. The team has high hopes and is looking forward to winning the next Euroleague championships.

The team’s uniform consists of White, Red and Dark Blue colors. Josean Querejeta is the current president of the club and Duško Ivanović is serving as the head coach. The team tasted success for the first time in 1995 when they won the Spanish King’s Cup finals. The club also managed to reach to the finals of the Saporta Cup in 1994 and 1995. The team had started to become popular with the fans when in 1999, it succeeded to clinch the Spanish King’s Cup trophy the second time.

Later in 2000-01, the team reached up to the Euroleague playoff finals with star performers Fabricio Oberto, Victor Alexander, Luis Scola and Saulius Štombergas but lost to Kinder Bologna at the last game. The team was about to win the 2006 Final Four but lost to Maccabi in the semis.

The team has a solid track record to be considered one of the strongest teams of the ACB and has high potentials to score a cut above the rest.

Major Achievements

Won 2 Spanish Championships in 2002 and in 2008.

Won 6 Spanish Cups in 1995, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006 and in 2009.

Won a Sporta Cup in 1996.

Won 4 SuperCups in 2005, 2006, 2007 and in 2008.

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