The Charlotte based team the Charlotte Bobcats is a professional basketball team situated in North Carolina. Under National Basketball Association (NBA), the team is placed in the Southeast division of the Eastern Conference. The Bobcat team franchise was established in the year 2004. The team is owned in a partnership with one of the famous names in the history of the game, Robert L. Johnson, Michael Jordan and Cornell Haynes. In June 2003 the team got its name Bobcats. The expansion draft of the team was held on the 22nd July 2004 during which experienced players as the Predrag Drobjak and the gifted such as Gerald Wallace were signed for the team. The team also traded Emeka Okafor, a center from the University of Connecticut.

The first game played by the Bobcats was with the Washington Wizards on November 4th, 2004 which they lost by 103-96. In this history of its franchise the first game won by the Charlotte Bobcats was with Orlando Magic with a score line of 111-100 on 6th November 2004. Further the Bobcats went to defeat the New Orleans Hornets 94-93 in overtime which gave the fans an opportunity to cheer for. The team was ranked at the 4th position in the Division.

Country United States United States
City Charlotte, NC
Founded 2004

The 2005-06 season made few more changes to their team. Raymond Felton and Sean May from North Carolina were drafted into the team. The team once again finished 4th at the Division with 26 wins. In 2006 the team decided to select Adam Morrison from the Gonzaga University. Yet another time had ended up at the 4th position in the Division.

The Time Warner Cable Arena is the home for the Charlotte Bobcats situated in Charlotte, North Carolina. The maximum capacity of the arena is 19,026 and is expandable to 20,200. The famous music band the Rolling Stones performed at the inauguration of the Bobcats in this arena.

One of the most notable players of the Charlotte Bobcats with a huge fan following is Emeka Okafor. He went to win the NBA Rookie of the year in the year 2005. Few other players like Derek Anderson, Jason Hart and Steve Smith have also played an important role in bringing up the team.

In May 2007, according to the expansion draft the Charlotte Bobcats traded Brandon Wright for Jason Richardson of the Golden State Warriors who was appointed as a swingman in the team. This was followed by the selection of Jared Dudley from the Boston College. The team has won 32 games and lost 50 games in the Eastern Conference. They are placed below the Atlanta Hawks in the Southeast Division. The charlotte Bobcats are seeded at the 4th place in the Southeast division of the Eastern Conference.

Major achievements

Placed 4th at Division level for 4 years

Team Roster

Name Position
Alexis Ajinca France power forward
Derek Anderson United States
Antonio Anderson United States shooting guard
Darryl Augustin United States point guard
Derrick Brown United States power forward
Kwame Brown United States center
Shannon Brown United States shooting guard
Matt Carroll United States shooting guard
Jermareo Davidson United States power forward
Linton Johnson United States