Cleveland Cavaliers

Country United States United States
City Cleveland, Ohio
Founded 1970
National Basketball Association

The Cleveland Cavaliers more commonly known by the name Cavs are a professional basketball team playing under the National Basketball Association. Cleveland, Ohio is the home town for the Cavs. The team was set up in 1970. The first team in their franchise history was coached by Nick Mileti. The Cavs made their first ever playoffs in the 1975-76 season. The Cavs defeated the Washington Bullets 4-3 in a series in a very famous last second shot by Richfield. However due to many injuries the team suffered defeat to the Boston Celtics in the finals of the Eastern Conference of the NBA playoffs. During the 90’s the team acquired a new look by making a fine draft change which led the team to Eight playoff seasons in the following nine years together with more than 50 wins per season. The team again started of on a loosing spree from 2003-2005 where the team was ranked at a very low position.

In the 1975-76 season the team along with the likes of Carr, Bingo Smith, Jim Chones, Dick Snyder and the newly signed Nate Thurmond went on to win the Division titles with a record of 49-33.

The period during the 1983-1993 was one of the crucial times for the struggling Cavs. Many changes took place in the team. According to the draft Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, Ron Harper and Larry Nance were also brought in the team during this period. These four players helped the struggling Cavs to qualify for eight playoffs in the next nine years. The Cavs also recorded an average of 50 wins per season.

After the successful run in the year 1993 the Cavs entered into a period of down fall. The team also lost their two key players Daugherty and price who retired from professional basketball. The team managed to enter the semi-finals of the 1992-93 season of the Eastern Conference but was beaten by the Chicago Bulls.

The 2006-2007 season was an eye opener for the team and especially for the team fans when they clinched a spot in the playoffs. The Cavs won a series of games by defeating teams like the New Jersey Nets and won the 2007 Eastern Conference in a fierce match against the Detroit Pistons. This was their first ever Conference title in the franchise history.

The Quicken Loans Arena is the official arena where all the home games of the Cavs are played. It has a capacity of 20,562. It is also the home for the Cleveland Sting’s

The 2007-08 season was very disappointing for Cavs. They qualified for the playoffs by wining 45 games in the Conference but went out of the playoffs in the very first round. The Cavs were seeded 3rd in Conference Title ending their season loosing to the Boston Celtics.

Major achievements

1 Division title (1976) – 1 Conference title (2007)

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Team Roster

Name Position
Jarrett Allen United States center
Edward Richard Basden United States shooting guard
Aaron Bramlett United States center
Moses Brown United States center
Devin Brown United States
Darius Garland United States point guard
Daniel Gibson United States
Danny Green United States shooting guard
J.J. Hickson United States
Zydrunas Ilgauskas Lithuania

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