Matt Smith

Team Cairns Cairns
Born Nov 3, 1979
Nationality Australia Australia
Team History
Cairns Cairns 1999 - present

Matt Smith is an NBL basketball player who plays in the position of Forward or Center. He has a height of 211 cm and weight of 112 kg. He was a member of Wollongong Hawks in the 1999-2000 season. In the 2003-04 season, he joined Victoria Giants. Smith was a part of New Zealand Breakers in 2004-05 season. From 2007 onwards, he became a member of Cairns Taipans and is currently a player of this team.

In the 2000-01 season, he represented Lander University. During SEABL 2003, he represented Knox Raiders in 11 games and during these blocked 42 shots. In December 2004, Blake Truslove was injured and he was replaced by Matt Smith. During the QABL competition, he was a member of Cairns Marlins.

In 2007, Smith led the league in field goal shooting which was 61.6 percent. During January 2007, while playing against the Slingers he recorded a career best of 22 points. He posted 10 rebounds in a game twice which is his career best performance. His career field goal shooting average is 57.3 percent.

Career Highlights

Matt Smith, during his entire career with the Cairns Taipans, has participated in 76 games. His free throw percentage was 0.66, field goal percentage was 0.55, but 3-point field goal percentage was nil. He accumulated 322 points, 12 steals, 12 assists and 244 rebounds.

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