Anthony Randolph

Team Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors
Born Jul 15, 1989
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors 2008 - present

Anthony Randolph is a professional basketball player from the United States of America and plays as a power forward. Randolph attended the Woodrow Wilson High School as a junior and in his senior year, he played averaging 25.8 points per game with 12.6 rebounds per game. He was named to the First Team All-Area by the Dallas Morning News. Randolph went on to attend the Louisiana State University where he had an almost immediate impact.

In just his third game of his freshman year, he had 6 blocks to his name. He started all 31 games and was the only one in the team to do so, even amongst the seniors. Randolph had a 20.1 point average in the last nine games of his college career.

In 2008, Randolph appeared for the NBA Draft and was picked by the Golden State Warriors at 14th overall. Randolph has since become a stalwart in the team, scoring 30 points on his debut with 8 rebounds and 1 assist. On the defensive end, his first game also saw him make two blocks.

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