Fred Brown

Born Aug 7, 1948
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Seattle SuperSonics Seattle SuperSonics 1971 - 1984

Fred Brown used to play in the position of Guard. He had a height of 6 feet 3 inches and weight of 182 lbs. From the 1971-72 season to the 1983-84 season, he played for Seattle Supersonics using jersey no. 32.

Brown used to attend Lincoln High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After passing out, he took admission in the University of Iowa. During the 1971 NBA draft, he was chosen by Seattle Supersonics in the 1st round. He was the 6th pick and overall 6th pick. He played for 13 seasons in the NBA.

From 1974 to 1984, Brown played in 8 seasons in the playoffs. In the 83 games he participated in, he got 1900 playing minutes. His field goal percentage was 0.461, 3-point field goal percentage was 0.310 and free throw percentage was 0.819. Overall, there were 1197 points, 144 personal fouls, 193 assists and 196 rebounds.

Career Highlights

Brown played in 963 games in the NBA, during which he received 24422 playing minutes. His field goal percentage was 0.478 as there were 12568 field goal attempts and 6006 field goals. He made 295 3-point field goal attempts out of which there were 110 3-point field goals and the corresponding 3-point field goal percentage was 0.373. There were 2211 free throw attempts and 1896 free throws resulting in a free throw percentage of 0.858. He collected 14018 points, 1937 personal fouls, 3160 assists and 2637 rebounds.

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