Bob Brown used to play in the position of Forward. He had a height of 6 feet 4 inches and weight of 205 lbs. While he played in the BAA (Basketball Association of America) and NBA (National Basketball Association), he wore jersey no. 11 and 20. He was a member of Providence Steam Rollers in the BAA and of Denver Nuggets in the NBA.

While in college, Brown played for Miami University. In the BAA, he appeared in 20 games. There were 111 field goal attempts out of which there were 37 field goals and the corresponding field goal percentage was 0.333. He could make 47 free throw attempts out of which there were 34 free throws resulting in a free throw percentage of 0.723. He accrued 108 points, 67 personal fouls and 14 assists.

Career Highlights

Born 12 Nov 1923
Nationality United States United States
Team History
225 denver nuggets Denver 1948 - 1950

Brown participated in 62 games in the NBA. The number of field goal attempts was 764 and the number of field goals was 276 and thus the field goal percentage was 0.361. He made 252 free throw attempts out of which there were 172 free throws and the corresponding free throw percentage was 0.683. He gathered 724 points, 269 personal fouls and 101 assists.

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