Melvin Booker used to play in the position of Guard. He weighed 185 lbs and was 6 feet 1 inch tall. During his career in the NBA (National Basketball Association), he wore jersey no. 9, 14 and 5. During the 1995-96 season, he was a member of Houston Rockets. In the next season, he played for Denver Nuggets. The last team he played for was the Golden State Warriors.

Booker attended Moss Point High School in Moss Point, Mississippi and further sought admission in the University of Missouri. From the 1990-91 season to the 1993-94 season, he played for this university and appeared in 125 games during which there were 4123 playing minutes. Overall, there were 566 field goals out of 1215 field goal attempts. There were 183 3-point field goals out of 467 3-point field goal attempts. The number of free throws was 382 and the number of free throw attempts was 484. Booker accumulated 443 rebounds, 488 assists, 309 personal fouls and 1697 points.

Career Highlights

Born 20 Aug 1972
Nationality United States United States
Team History
230 golden state warriors GSW 1995 - 1997

Booker played 32 games in the NBA, wherein he got 561 playing minutes. In these he collected 166 points, 46 personal fouls, 74 assists and 38 rebounds. He made 155 field goal attempts out of which there were 62 field goals and the resulting field goal percentage was 0.4. The number of 3-point field goal attempts was 56 out of which there were 15 3-point field goals and thus the 3-point field goal percentage was 0.268. The free throw percentage was 0.871 as there were 27 free throws and 31 free throw attempts.

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