Giannis Antetokounmpo is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. As of the 2022 season, he plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, the team he has been with since he was drafted into the NBA during the 2013 NBA Draft.

Antetokounmpo became an NBA Champion in 2021. He was also named the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. He has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player back-to-back, in 2019 and 2020. In addition to his two MVPs, he has also been named an NBA All-Star for six consecutive seasons from 2017 to 2022.

Aside from his NBA career, he also used to play for Filathlitikos. In 2018, he was named the Euroscar Player of the Year.

Team Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks
Position Power Forward
Born 6 Dec 1994
Nationality Greece Greece
Team History
Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks 2013 - present

Player Profile and Personal Life

Antetokounmpo was born on December 6, 1994, in Athens, Greece. His birth name is Giannis Sina Ugo Adetokunbo. His parents migrated from Lagos, Nigeria to Greece. He grew up in the Sepolia neighborhood.

He stands 211 cm or 6 feet and 11 inches tall and his weight was last listed at 242 lbs. or 110 kg. He plays the position of power forward.

Antetokounmpo did not become a Greek resident until 2013, a few months before he was drafted into the NBA. Only after he became a Greek citizen was his name translated into Greek and appeared as ‘Antetokounmpo’ on his passport. Later, he would receive Nigerian citizenship and now holds dual Greek and Nigerian citizenship.

Because his name was not that easy to pronounce, he quickly became known by his nickname – “The Greek Freak”. News networks like CBS Sports started using the nickname as well.

Professional Career


Early in his career, Giannis Antetokounmpo played in the semi-pro Greek B Basket league in the third division. He joined the club Filathlitikos. Before he turned 18, he was signed by CAI Zaragoza of Spain. He also received interest from other European basketball clubs.

By the 2012-2013 season, Antetokounmpo was shooting an average of 9.5 game ppg points, five rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game. This is despite only having active playtime of around 22.5 minutes per game. He was also popular among the Greek fans that during the 2013 Greek League All-Start Game, the coaches let him play despite not being named an all-star because the fans liked seeing him on the court.

He stayed with Filathlitikos from 2011 to 2013.

NBA Draft

Antetokounmpo was drafted into the National Basketball Association in the United States during the 2013 NBA Draft. Before the draft, athletic reports had him as a first-round pick, which came true. He was the 15th overall selection of the 2013 NBA Draft. The Milwaukee Bucks were the ones to select him, he signed a rookie contract with them on July 30, 2013.

On October 13, 2013, the Greek player made his NBA Debut. His age was 18 years and 311 days at the time, making him one of the youngest players in league history to make his debut. At the end of his first season, he had made 61 total blocks, which made him the NBA rookies blocks leader.

Early Years with the Bucks

In his second season with the Bucks, he was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week in the first week of February.

In the same season, he recorded his first triple-double in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He was just 21 years old at the time, which makes him the youngest player in the history of the Bucks franchise to record a triple-double.

Contract Extension and First All-Star

In 2016, he agreed to a contract extension with the Bucks that was worth $100 million and would see him play for the team through to the 2020 season.

In January 2017, he was named to the NBA All-Star Game for the first time in his career. He was the starter for the Eastern Conference All-Start team. He set another record for being the youngest player in the history of the Bucks franchise to start for an NBA All-Star game.

April 2017 saw him named the Easter Conference Player of the Month. This was a first for the Bucks since Michael Redd was awarded that honor back in 2004. By this time, he was leading the Bucks in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Antetokounmpo is the fifth player in NBA history to do so.

For the 2016-2017 season, he makes the All-NBA Second Team again. Antetokounmpo was also named the Most Improve Player, he is the first player in the history of the Bucks to be named so.

In the 2017-2018 season, he was again named to the All-Star team and was an All-NBA selection once more. He also broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record for making triple-doubles.

Twice an MVP and Other Accolades

The 2018-2019 season saw the Bucks deal with a new Coach in Mike Budenholzer. In October, he was again named the Eastern Conference Player of the Month. That season, the Bucks reached the Eastern Conference semifinals and then the finals. They won the first two games but were beaten by the Toronto Raptors.

This season, he was first named to the All-NBA First Team for the first time. He would be named to the first team again in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Also, since 2017, he has been consistently named an NBA All-Star.

At the 2019 NBA Awards, he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. He would be named the MVP again in 2020, via unanimous voting. He was also named the Defensive Player of the Year for 2020.

In 2021, he helped lead the Bucks to win the NBA Championship. He was named the NBA Finals MVP in 2021. He was also named the NBA All-Star Game MVP in the same year. Also, this year, he was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

People Also Ask

Did Antetokounmpo start playing basketball at a young age?

He did not start focusing on basketball until he was about 12 or 13 years old. His early life was focused on working. He and his brother used to hawk a variety of items on the streets to help make ends meet at home. But the sport was one of his interests early on.

Is Antetokounmpo an MVP candidate for the 2021 - 2022 NBA season?

There are no clear candidates yet this early in the season but if you check on betting websites, you will see that the Greek player is a favorite to become MVP again. He already has two MVPs to his name. Betting companies also favor Luka Doncic to become league MVP.

What is Antetokounmpo’s nationality?

He is Nigerian and Greek. Nicknamed, the Greek Freak, he was born in and grew up in Greece but his parents are originally from Lagos. He did not receive his Greek passport until a few months before he was drafted into the NBA because he wasn’t readily eligible for one based on the Greek systems of immigration. As such, he was not able to leave Greece to visit another country before getting a passport. A few years after his NBA debut, he was granted Nigerian citizenship.

Is Antetokounmpo Popular?

He is one of the most popular players in the NBA today as he was with the fans in Greece. But audience insights show that even if he is popular in the United States and Greece, he is not exactly that popular in Nigeria. It may be because many Nigerians do not know who he is. This may be down to some sports vendors select not to showcase much about him in Nigeria. Differing information storage and dissemination may be issues too. Despite that, he remains a popular player in the rest of the world.

How to Watch Antetokounmpo games?

For live games, you will need to be subscribed to certain channels and news outlets. The NBA has a blackout policy that keeps other sources even with similar technologies or browser types to stream games. They restrict streaming to certain parts of the world. If you want to stream a live Antetokounmpo game or any live NBA game for that matter, you can go with a VPN. Having a VPN also helps you manage cookies and only keep essential cookies.

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