Asociacion de Clubs de Baloncesto or the ACB League is the premier professional basketball league in Spain. The league was founded in 1956 but is originally known as Liga Nacional. The ACB League changed its name to the current one in 1983.

The ACB League is made up of 17 basketball teams and play under FIBA rules, the world governing body of basketball. Other leagues in competition with the ACB League are the Copa del Rey de Baloncesto and the Supercopa de España de Baloncesto.

Sport Basketball
Country Spain Spain
Founded 1956
Teams 17
Teams promoted / relegated 0

The ACB League plays with a unique set of championship rules. Each of the 17 teams in the ACB League has to play all the other teams twice in the division. One game is played at home while the other game is played away. The regular league ends after all teams play 34 matches in the ACB League. The ACB League also takes a winter brake after half of its scheduled matches have been played. Unique to the ACB League is that the two halves of the season are played in the same order. The same is observed for all other sports in Spain. At the end of the regular league, the eight best teams start a play-off. For the championships, there are three rounds with five matches each. The ACB League playoffs are similar to the NBA but shorter.

The 17 teams that make up the ACB League are the following: Alta Gestion Fuenlabrada, Basket Zaragoza 2002, Basquet Manresa, CB Bilbao Berri, CB Estudiantes, CB Gran Canaria, CB Granada, CB Malaga, CB Murcia, CB Sevilla, FC Barcelona Basquet, Joventut Badalona, Menorca Basquet, Real Madrid Baloncesto, San Sebastian Gipuzkoa BC, TAU Ceramica Baskonia and Valencia BC.