**Thursday, July 31, 2008 – ** News is broken every day about the NBA, even though their season doesn’t start for another few months. For the WNBA, even though their season is still going on (albeit with a month’s pause because the National Team is training for the Olympics), there is very little news indeed.

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One news article comments that the National Team is going to have to use defense in order to put on a good showing in the Olympics - they won’t be able to simply outshoot their opponents, they’ll have to play the complete game.

(As far as that goes, that’s what the men’s team is going to have to do as well. The time is long gone since the “Dream Team” that destroyed all opponents…the last time the men’s team played they could only come away with a bronze medal.)

The other piece of news is that the “WNBA receives high marks in diversity report.”

“The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport study, which grades professional leagues on the number of participating women and minorities, shows women own three WNBA teams, up two from 2007 and one the previous year.

The number of minority head coaches and players increased, but there was a slight decrease in women and minority assistant coaches.”

As long as one’s talking about coaches…it’s interesting to contemplate that there are no women coaches in the men’s college ranks, but there are plenty of male coaches in the women’s ranks.

As far as the WNBA, most of them seem to come from the NBA ranks. Tree Rollins of the Mystics has already been let go this year (and was replaced by his female assistant coach). Michael Cooper’s team the Los Angeles Sparks is seriously underperforming. One wonders if his job is safe… and who will replace him.

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