What will be the future like for the Boston Celtics?

After the latest news about the finalization of the Doc Rivers trade to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Boston Celtics are on the verge of a rebuilding era. Surely it’s not the sweetest time for the fans of the team. However it’s a necessary phase for any team in the league. Fortunately, the Celtics do have some things to rely on and some of the pieces of the new team are already here.

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Whilst Rajon Rondo missed the most part of the previous season due to an ACL injury, he is expected to come back strong next season. He has barely reached his prime at 27 years of age and he has shown that he can be a centerpiece for the Boston Celtics team. With Doc Rivers heading to LA and Kevin Garnett alongside Paul Pierce not assured about their future with the team, Rondo will be the face of the franchise. He clearly isn’t the most complete player at the point guard position, but his tremendous passing and finishing through traffic abilities make up for most of his flaws.

The Celtics have yet another valuable piece in their roster, named Jeff Green. Coming off a severe heart surgery during the 2011-2012 season, Green proved that the trade which brought him to Boston was worth it. The Celtics had to give away their starting center, Kendrick Perkins to acquire him. During the previous season, Boston’s fans got to know what Danny Ainge had in mind.

Green provided a great spark to the team, taking over in many stretches of games in the regular season and also during the playoffs. He is the most athletic and energetic player in the team, a much needed penetrator with great all-around skills. He averaged 12.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 46.7 percent shooting from the field last season. Together with Rondo, they will form the duo around which the new team will be built.

The Celtics also have other prospect players, like Jared Sullinger, who was also injured last season and some controversial veterans that might have a role in the new team. Jason Terry, Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee might stay with the team or see the exit door, depending on how rapid the changes will take place.

The point is that the era of the Big Three of Paul, KG and Ray Allen under the guidance of Doc Rivers has now ended for good. Sooner or later, the Celtics will have to make the next step and first of all look reality into the eye. It surely was a very successful period with that formation, with one NBA Championship in 2008 and a NBA Finals appearance two years later. Boston was one of the most powerful teams in the East and can continue to protagonist, after major changes take place.

Through reconstruction, with new blood on the team’s veins, but also using the legacy and the character of a legendary team, the Boston Celtics will emerge once again and make it to the top in the following years. That’s why the fans should be rather optimistic rather than disappointed with the latest changes of the team.

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    Miami had way more players that were good and could allow they're setrtars to rest, once Paul, Kevin, Ray and Rondo got off the field, the lead would diminish or get even farther? and basically be forced to play the entire game EVERY SINGLE TIME, EVERY SINGLE GAME!Delonte West was the only one who was able to get the Celtics great points of the bench as well as facilitate the offense, and the only other legitimate 3 point shooting threat besides Pierce and Ray, Fact.