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Shaq as a Celtic is all Because of Kobe Bryant

During the offseason Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant made it well known he has more championship rings than former teammate and now rival, Shaquille O’Neal.

Still able to contribute at 38, Shaq signed with the Boston Celtics, the runner up in last years NBA Finals to the Lakers, and a team desperately in need of a center after Kendrick Perkins tore his acl in his knee during game 6 of the Finals this past June.kobe bryant

Shaq has made it quite clear the Celtics were his first choice. If he wants to beat Kobe and the Lakers, what better team is there to do that than the Boston Celtics? Boston’s vacancy at center made the situation all the more fitting.shaquille o neal

Shaq will get his chance to dethrone Kobe, and win his own fifth championship ring. He is playing on a NBA championship contender, one that is loaded with veterans. Shaq’s window of opportunity to win another title is dwindling, and this year could be his best shot left.

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  • Profile image 46x46 Shweta - almost 8 years ago

    06.16.10 at 12:28 amYoungalright just don't cry when celtics win on Thursday. And laekrs would have lost the series against celtics by now if they did not have Kobe. You guys are just retarded if you think laekrs would be really good without Kobe.

  • Profile image 46x46 lk - over 8 years ago

    i hate shaq